LOS Future Energy is an international supplier of electrical power infrastructure, specializing in electrical, mechanical, maritime and high-voltage projects. We use our advantages and experiences from the oil industry and deliver high quality, focusing on HSE and excellent project management.


Future Energy AS is a company that supplies electrical engineering services to the energy and electronics market, geared mainly towards infrastructure and maritime projects. The company is located in Bergen and Kristiansand and currently consists of 50 experienced and well qualified employees.

The LOS Gruppen consists of a number of companies, including LOS Elektro and LOS Marine, with LOS Cable Solutions at the frontline. The head office is located in Bømlo and through these companies the group is a total supplier of electrical power and electrical installations. The group has branches in Sunnhordland, Bergen and Oslo. The group has 290 employees who are all highly qualified professionals in their respective fields of expertise.

Arild Wikøren
Arild Wikøren

Daglig leder - LOS Future Energy


Svein Terje Bjelland
Svein Terje Bjelland

Salgsleder - LOS Future Energy



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